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Statement | The Point - Bernardo Olmos - artmedia GALLERY - Miami FL - 305
#2, Light series, 2010

Light Series, 2010

This body of work explores the way sun's light permeates the buildings. Indirect photographs of different rooms show themselves as ultimate factors of spirit and functionality. Sun's light performs here as the cardinal ingredient for materializing every architecture. We have a particular interest on sun light´s behavior for being the first illumination source bringing to life buildings every sunrise, soaking facades with light during the zenith and blotting them out at sunset. These photographs are like anachronistic portraits of lights, shadows, lines, and planes.

Caracas ad hoc Series, 2010:

Buildings and urban spaces that once turned Caracas into a city, especially those appearing during the zenith of Venezuelan modernity, have transmuted through decades of social neglect and oblivion into territories far from the national ideals and genius that made them possible. Some places that run this series are a dismembered university city showing leprous facades, dance school venues converted into shelters for criminals as well as a park designed by Burle Marx and transformed in an overgrown garden.