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Artist Statement


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To Margot, my sister, for having wonderfully woven life

(…) à la différence des arbres ou de leurs racines, le rhizome connecte un point quelconque avec un autre point quelconque, et chacun de ses traits ne renvoie pas nécessairement à des traits de même nature, il met en jeu des régimes de signes très différents et même des états de non-signes. (…)

Gilles Deleuze et Félix Guattari
Mille Plateaux. Capitalisme et Schizophrénie
Introduction: Rhizome

In one way or another, water is always present in my photographic projects. In 2009 I toured the canals of Rio Chico, in Venezuela, where the mangroves seduced me. Their distinctive shapes, where there is no beginning or end; their roots, which at first glance you can't tell whether they enter or leave the water; the union between their interwoven configurations, provided me with memorable experiences and stimulated thoughts of a different order. The mangroves turned out to be, for me, on the one hand, like a journey into the world of forms. On the other hand, it became evident to me that they are, for the flora and fauna that inhabit them, like a great placenta in which all the elements it contains grow, feed, and are always protected. In my recent trips to Miami, from 2019 to 2021, I resumed my foray into the mangroves. As I had done before in Venezuela, I photographed broadly.

Nature is my source of motivation to make series where I can go deeper until I can create, with the images, my universes. I photograph with my soul and my intuition. Then, full of ideas, images, sensations, and silences, I select from the collected material and try to create a unique place where others can enter and navigate with me.

In Paris, where I live, I spent days looking at the photographs taken, and they always gave me a feeling of protection and procreation. Always, in them, mother nature appeared, powerful and beautiful, weaving each one differently, with its form and its specific existence.