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Press Release

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Artmedia Gallery proudly presents the group exhibition The Measure of Time, which gathers a selection of photographs taken from more extensive series produced by artists Claudia Ammirata, G.A. Jakubovics, and Amanda Bradley. They offer us their specific and differentiated explorations about measuring and experiencing time in real life and art, distant from the notion of time as unidirectional and continuous.

Claudia Ammirata highlights visual speculation on the notion of time at the core of her series Sense of Impermanence, made between 2016 and 2021. She focuses on small details and incidents that allude to the transience and fugacity of human existence. Ammirata values the photographic moment, not interested in setting the object in the image but in remarking on the mutable and inapprehensive condition of everything. Her photographs are poetic brushes on her subjects.

In his series A Place for Affections, in which G.A. Jakubovics put together photographs taken by him from 2014 to 2021, time expresses the particular experience the author developed when creating a sense of belonging as a recent immigrant in Miami. His proposal's visual organization rests on the diptych structure. Each one is related to an internal and unmeasurable spiritual time. In this series, Miami is not only a geographical territory. It's also a way of inhabiting, being in, and defining it through marks or agreements of the photographer's inner universe.

Place and time appear as the concepts that define the axis of Amanda Bradleys's work Further than Memory. Intimate Distances that the artist produced between 2015 and 2019. Images refer to the personal space —the house— and the outer space —the habitat— through a repertoire in which all the places concatenate among them and coexist in time. The artist proposes a visual construction that deactivates the possibility of photographs functioning as points of an itinerary and cancels their specific time. So, place and time in Amanda's work are compacted and condensed: all sites are simultaneously superimposed.

These artists achieve a multidimensional approach to time in their proposals with a poetic allure, confirming that art is always a practice able to rethink and re-imagine our relationship with the world and personal life.

About the artists

Claudia Ammirata (Venezuelan, based in Miami, FL) started photographing at a young age while living in Paris, France. She pursued her interest in photography by taking courses at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, California. Her work has been exhibited at art galleries, fairs, and museums. She has presented at Artmedia Gallery two personal exhibitions: Fix Me, May 17 - July 26, 2019, and Sense of Impermanence, September 14 - November 19, 2021.

G. A Jakubovics (born in Haifa, Israel, and based in Miami, FL) has worked as an expert on pre-press production and archival fine art printing for many years. He has practiced photography for a long time. His work has been exhibited in art galleries and fairs. He has presented two personal exhibitions at Artmedia Gallery: Seeking a Code, April 7 - June 30, 2017, and A Place for Affections, March 19 - June 4, 2021.

Amanda Bradley (born and raised in Miami, FL) received her BFA from the New World School of the Arts in Miami. She has extensively exhibited her work. Her first solo exhibition was held at Artmedia Gallery: Further than Memory. Intimate Distances, November 15, 2019 - February 15, 2020.

About the curator

José Antonio Navarrete (Cuban-Venezuelan, based in Miami) is a critic, researcher, and independent art and visual culture curator. He is in charge of the ArtMedia curatorial program and participates in several international projects as a curator or writer contributor.

About the gallery

Artmedia Gallery was founded in 2012. With a location in Little River, Miami, Florida, the gallery has the mission to exhibit and promote contemporary art based on photography and video practices. One of the gallery's central objectives is to explore the vast possibilities of the expanded notion of art through media technology.