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Intimate Stranger Photography Exhibition

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In honor of Miami Art Week I wanted to write about a photography exhibition I recently visited. 

The photography exhibition Intimate Stranger by Zachary Balber features self-portraits as the artist taken while he documented luxury homes in his role as real estate photographer.

These fantastic backdrops set the stage for Zack's playful poses creating a series of 150 voyeuristic images that draw your attention to the details. Whether you're looking for his feet poking out behind a curtain, or taking a closer look at a photograph featuring an entirely purple bathroom you'll be intrigued by each and every image you look at.

The exhibition will also have you questioning whose homes these are and where they are. Is one at Ten Museum Park? Is another at the home of a huge Prince fan? 

I'm personally convinced that one was taken at The Bass museum in 2017, since I have not-nearly-as-good pictures from the Ugo Rondione exhibition good evening beautiful blue of life size clowns in my personal collection.

The exhibition is playful, uplifting and intriguing and I highly recommend a visit!

Intimate Stranger by Zachary Balber is on view through February 23, 2024 at Art Media Gallery. and can easily be paired with a visit to Superblue to see their always fantastic permanent exhibitions and the brand new mural, The Chronicles of Miami, by superstar photographer and street artist JR, and/or with a visit to the fantastic Rubell Museum. Featuring pieces by blue chip artists including Yayoi Kusama, Yoshitomo Nara, Keith Haring, and more, this is one of my favorite museums in the city.

In the area and getting hungry? Upscale Leku at the Rubell Museum has some fantastic dishes and the best cheesecake I've had in my entire life. Just a short drive away is the Michelin guide recommended La Natural, serving a vegetable forward menu, delicious pizzas, and an extensive selection of natural wines.