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Artist Statement


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In Front of The Pantheon, Rome, Italy, 2016

Throughout my life, I have been building this collection with my personal photographic work. In each image, I seek to capture the man, or should I say every male subject, in the way he can best reflect the essence of his masculinity. In that search, the enigma of a unique and unrepeatable moment is solved.

My work is based on the attraction I feel for a specific man. I photograph him when he is distracted pleasantly, enjoying his leisure time carelessly. For the men I photograph, my camera goes unnoticed, and I make the most of my invisibility. I work in anonymity to collect the energy emanating from the man's body and make to shine his hidden intimacy.

With the light, I try to draw the figures and highlight the sinuosity of the body. Moving my camera from close-ups to general views, and vice versa, I add elements whose colors, materials, and textures make a plastic scene as in my painting.

In this proposal, I look for identification with the photographed subject. I reflect on it as in a mirror at the same time. Between both, photography is the only thing in common. It is the moment of the dream that precedes the ecstasy.