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4.6 CABLE, national archive #5
4.6 CABLE, national archive #5

national archive is the generic name we have given to one project we have been working from 1997. As a theoretical and historical problem, it provides many possibilities for research and display because it is composed of diverse and specific inventories that we made within Venezuela's audiovisual production conceived as a source of lots of different products. This kind of production includes press photos, photographic images or videos uploaded to the network by any person, commercial pieces, artistic works in the most traditional sense (including films by authors), among other items.

Each catalog of items is a result of our work. Every inventory can be displayed in an exhibition space or into a book. We intervene in it to emphasize discursive problems and the construction of the story as fiction. We apply an archeological methodology or procedure not interested in keeping intact the origin of the image. On the contrary, we put the latter in the context of discursive relationships that can offer alternative readings of both the history and the present to those circulating in academic circles and the official press.