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Statement | Narrating the body - Fran Beaufrand - artmedia GALLERY - Miami FL - 305
Patricia, Caracas, 2010, Bond magazine

My photographic discourse is mainly focused on fashion and portrait. Working as a freelance photographer, I found the possibility to develop a personal exploration and aesthetic research attracted by the suggestive signs of the fashion world.

Over the years, I have investigated the complexity of the image and visual representations of fashion. Beauty ideals as well as their shiftings. Interactions of the body with that covers it, adorns it, and then transforms it. Setting and pose as constructors of narratives which frame fancy ideas of power, luxury, seduction, and sensuality, all of them keys to selling promises of happiness and stimulate collective dreams.

As part of my artistic discourse, I have also produced unfocused images intentionally, which aim to blur the barriers among art practices. Thus, I have valued an idea that contradicts the principles of classic photography approaching photography to painting. Besides, I try to talk about transformation in a recurring personal thinking: what is unfocused vanishes and obliterates itself. Things are impermanent.