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Press Release | Naturally Derived, Humberto Torres - artmedia GALLERY - Miami FL - 305
#1, From the series Family Garden, 2009

Artmedia Gallery is pleased to present Naturally Derived, which brings together a selection of Humberto Torres’ photographs from two series, The Blue Ridge, 2010, and Family Garden, 2009-2012.

In The Blue Ridge, Torres documents the natural landscape of North Carolina with an attentive and reflective view, engrossed by the details and scenarios, making the pictures seem both common and strangely ambiguous. His small format prints offer the viewer a comprehensive view of the entire image, but also an intimate encounter.

In Family Garden the objects found in the family environment, whether a calendar or an ironing board, are used as protagonists of the images. These objects are always referring to elements of nature, so the images jointly build a kind of interior domestic garden. Among other things, Torres’ photographs of these series function as metaphors of the relationship between domestic life and nature within the private sphere.

In both series, it becomes apparent Torres' interest to show in his work a display of contemporary vision that simultaneously feeds on the classic tradition of artistic photography.

About the artist:

Humberto Torres was born in Miami, Fl. He received his Bachelor in Fine Arts from Florida International University. His work has been included in shows like New Work Miami, Miami Art Museum, 2010; Disposable: Nostalgia for the Still Image, Dina Mitrani Gallery, 2011, among others. Naturally Derived is his first solo show.

About the curator:

José Antonio Navarrete is an art critic and curator based in Miami. He is currently researching on Intellectual Networks: Art and Politics in Latin-America, joining a team of international scholars sponsored by the JP Getty Foundation’s program “Crossing Art Histories,” 2012-2013. At the moment, he is working on other curatorial projects in the United States and abroad.

About the gallery:

Artmedia Gallery is a branch of Artmedia LLC, dedicated to promote and exhibit contemporary art, providing a space for reflection and critique with strong attention to photography and video.