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Review: Humberto Torres | Naturally Derived

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Humberto Torres. From the series Family Garden 8 2012
Humberto Torres. From the series Family Garden 8 2012

Artmedia Gallery, Miami - FL

By Raisa Clavijo

Photographer Humberto Torres presents two series of new works, The Blue Ridge and Family Garden, that reflect on the relationship between nature, landscape and memories. The show was curated by José Antonio Navarrete, who wisely gathered together works that feature the interaction between the individual and his surroundings.

In The Blue Ridge (2010), the artist documents the landscape of North Carolina. He captures natural scenarios, paying special attention to details. Both series of photos were taken with an analog camera, following the traditional chemical-based process of developing photos. The result is a group of works that seem to be fragments of the past, stills from an old film that encapsulates memories of a space and time that can never return.

Family Garden (2009-2012) incorporates two concepts that are not usually connected: the domestic environment and natural landscape. Torres documented objects found in his grandmother’s home that in some way relate to nature, so the series creates a kind of domestic garden that includes a calendar with photos of plants, a flowered ironing board, bunches of artificial decorative poinsettias, and close-ups of flower decorations in paper towel rolls and napkins. The works included in Family Garden function as metaphors for the constant exchanges between life and nature. Through October 14, 2012.