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ArtMedia Studio | Gallery: Where Memories Reside: Photographs by A. Lilia Smith

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Where Memories Reside by A. Lilia Smith at ArtMedia Studio | Gallery is a metaphorical narrative not meant to be read in sequence but as parts, like thoughts, that occur in variant order. It is this process of ordering and reordering to which Smith confronts loss, memory, and life. This body of work was completed in four years based on a poem written following the loss of her father. Photography enables the artist to heal and the result is a visual construct in poetic form. Between shadows and light, the familiar and abstract, deterioration and renewal, we can identify through the familiar South Florida signifiers, Smith’s mental landscape and move forward with her. The exhibit is curated by Jose Antonio Navarrete.

ArtMedia Studio | Gallery, 2750 NW 3rd Ave, Unit N°12, Miami, FL, USA